Gypsy Jib

A unique resource on the English Romany Language

Includes Romany ~ English and English ~ Romany dictionary

In Gypsy Jib, an invaluable reference book and fascinating study of the Gypsies and their language, the author James Hayward shares the knowledge he has gathered during a lifetime of research into his own Gypsy heritage. Now, in the context of his Scamp family story he shares his findings and offers answers to some of the questions that many have asked, such as:

In Gypsy Jib, which means Gypsy Language, we learn about the special language techniques used by Gypsies to protect their secrets and find out how they made up names for themselves, the places where they gathered and everyday items - often with great humour in their translation.

In spite of hardship and persecution over the centuries, the Gypsy race has adapted and survived and the language is preserved here too, in the painstakingly researched and documented dictionary contained in Gypsy Jib.